USS Pocono Association
USS Pocono AGC-16/LCC-16/JCC-16
The Pocono Prayer

We ask God's blessing for all of our Pocono
Crewmen, wives, family and friends--

For those who are ill we ask a speedy
Recovery in His name--

Remembering our deceased members;
We pray eternal rest grant unto them,

Oh Lord,

May perpetual light shine upon them

May their souls and the souls of all our
Departed, rest thru the mercy of God

May God bless all of us for a safe journey
Home and that we may be together at our
Next reunion

May the blessings of God be with our
Commander-inChief and this great
Country of ours and all of our men
And women in our armed forces
God Bless you.  God Bless America


Chaplain Victor Bill Bodo