USS Pocono Association
USS Pocono AGC-16/LCC-16/JCC-16
USS Pocono Crew Photos 60'-71' continued
Bill Waldeck and LTJG Zapatka on the Captains Gig at Aruba 1966
Captains Gig
John Stewart BM-3 in the forward Boatswains Locker
R&R on the flight deck
Pocono at Pier 7 Norfolk N.O.B.
Starboard Salute Gun
Forward Well Deck Starboard
John Contrarez & Bill Waldeck on the Pocono's well deck at St. Thomas
Chris Cunningham & Bill Waldeck in the 1st. Division Birthing Compartment
WW2 era luxury birthing compartmentWife's notice the bunks stacked 4 high and doubled, bunk canvas is laced to the frame, the thin mattress (3-4"), and mattress cover called a  'Fart Sack'.  All clothing and personal items were neatly folded and packed into ONE of the lockers on the wall, 2'x2'x2'.
Twin 40 mm Anti-Aircraft Guns, Starboard
Bill Waldeck on the Pocono Well Deck
(USS Randolf  CV-15 in the background)