USS Pocono Association
USS Pocono AGC-16/LCC-16/JCC-16
USS Pocono Crew Photos 60'-71'
The Radiomen of CR-Division 1966
Top row: John Charles Wheelock, Donald Terry Pitts, Ken Pallutch, George E. Trevillian,
Ron Hambright
, James Kung Lee Jr., Roy Ronald Lucas,
Martin M.Cvetas

Middle row: Charles Sidney 'Chuck' Parker, Dannie Eugene Martin,
Christopher Carlisle 'Chris' Young, Carl James Cropsey, Larry Lee Pfeiffer
, Robert Earl 'Bob' Love, Joseph Albert Winslow
Front row: Donald M. Smith,
William F. 'IW' Harper, Ens. David A. Weaver
, Ens. Kolb,
Chief Elvin R. Shively,
Donald Lauer

(blue indicates located)

The CW call sign of the Pocono was "NWDW"
-.  .--  -..  .--
The voice call sign was"John Law Hotel".
More CR-Division Radiomen in Radio 1 CW (Morse Code Room), 1966.
Jack F."Fat Jack" Reed

Back row left to right: Robert Wa.'Ron' Cerniglia,
Ron Pemberton, Larry Lee Pfeiffer
, and
Carl James Cropsey
C.C. Young in 1963 after making RMSN, later made RM3 while on the Pocono.
Cliff Renaud FA, R-Div,1961 on the Flight Deck
E-Div 1964
Kneeling: W.A. Harper EMCM (which one Grant and who is the other Chief?)
Front Row: Shaffer, Pope, Hicks, Coe, Weathered, Grant Spurrier, Clarkin
Back Row: Floezak, Auger, Jones, Magennes, Knittle, Smith
The Pocono Officers - 1965
S Division 1965
Ships Store 1970
Left to right:  Chuck Grecco SH-2, LTJG Randy Moskalik (where are you?)
[Great calendar!]
1970 Ft. Lauderdale
Left to Right:  Robert Buzney, Thomas Matthews, Chuck Grecco
Flag on the flight deck, March 1967
Left: John Minnatee, right:  'Butch' Sauger