USS Pocono Association
USS Pocono AGC-16/LCC-16/JCC-16
USS Pocono Crew Photos 45'- 49' continued
These photo treasures were submitted by George F. Silvani
SM1 Auger & Mr. Sullivan Secretary of the Navy
1947 Ships Party, Norfolk, VA.  "Married Types"
1947 Party at Norfolk.  You have to love the party hats!
1947 Party at Norfolk.  It must be 3.2 beer, they still look sober.
The 1947 Ships Party setup.
George F. Silvani wearing sandals that were issued to determine if they were proper for wear in extremely hot climates.
Admiral "Boom Boom" Blandy who was the commander of the "Cross Roads" Nuclear Test.
Captain Demarest (CO on Persian Gulf Cruise 1947) and LTJG Silvani.
Admiral Blandy, CWO Paysack (Disbursing Officer), and Capt. Briggs (later made admiral).