USS Pocono Association
USS Pocono AGC-16/LCC-16/JCC-16
USS Pocono Crew Photos 45'- 49'
Key West Radiomen Softball team 1946
(we need help placing names with these faces)
Key West Signalmen Softball team 1946
Standing back row:  Nick Zello, Hill, Joe Cannon, Coon, John Regan, Bob Auren
Kneeling: Joe Boulton, Jack Carroll, Bob "Lance" Lanciault
Reclining:  Jack N. "Tex" Williams
E Division 1948
This photo taken in 1948 or 49 of the Engine Room and Fire Room was submitted by John Garrett.
We need help identifying everyone.
USS Pocono in Norfolk.  Captain Briggs and the XO, Commander Ferguson about 1948
Another Pocono photo beleaved to have been taken in 1947 (Captains & XO's name unknown).
Horace E. Albright 1946 in front of the Admirals Gig
USS Pocono "R", "N", "E", "H" and "T" Divisions 1946-47
The "Pocono Sluggers" while visiting New London, Conn. in 1947.